LOST in Fandoms

I have many fandoms, but there have only ever been four in my life that have really stuck. True fandoms, with ships and everything . 

The first being Lord of The Rings. I totally shipped Eowyn and Faramir (like before I knew they were a thing) and like, who didn’t crush on Karl Urban as Eomer?  I know I sure as hell did!

And next, LOST. Like one of my most favourite shows ever. I’m a total Shannon/Sayid shipper.

How can you not love a spoiled little rich girl (not so rich after all) falling for a soft hearted killer and wanting a fresh start together. Its got textbook romance written all over it, except it gets complicated when you mention she’s an upperclass white American and he’s a returned Iraqi torturer. (But still hot AF).

It also gave us one of the most well  written and best acted characters of our age: Benjamin Linus.

Creepy. Master manipulator. All round bug eyed bad guy superbly played by Michael Emerson . 

This guy still freaks me out. 

But seriously, back  to Naveen Andrews playing Sayid… I would KILL (okay, maybe not kill exactly, but definitely maime) to have him look at me like this all fucking day.

My next fandom would have to be none other than  Doctor Who and yes, before you get up in  my grill anout it. Ten IS MY FAVOURITE and Donna my favourite companion . 

And no, I haven’t seen ALL of the original Who because it used to scare the shit out of me as a kid but I’m working through them as an adult.

Ten and Donna had such amazing chemistry (not romantically as such, they just worked together really REALLY well) & have been the best ‘team’ I’ve seen – closely followed by Eleven with Amy and Rory.

But Tennant and Tate were brilliant  (for the record, also great in Shakespearean Stage productions together!) and my least favourite Doctor from newwho is probably Eccleston and least favourite companion without a doubt, is Clara.

Donna Noble ❤

My final Fandom? Game of Thrones, of course!

And yes, I’m totally a Sansa Stark fan, so sue me.

This girl can play The Game. I really hope she makes it through to the end of the series  (because after all, this is game of thrones and you win or you die). I’m not sure how it’ll all end, only that I want Sansa left alive (and if at all possible, happy – hahaha *cries in desperation*)

Jon Snow, is another I’d like to see live, and Tyrion and Varys, but I don’t believe in happy endings when it comes to GoT. 

Danaerys and Arya I couldn’t care less about. Cersi should meet her maker (although so brilliantly portrayed by Lena she still needs to go!) and those horrible Sand Snakes with her!
SO, there you have it. My favourite fandoms, a very BIG part of who I am . 

What are some of yours?

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